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Grade Your Geologist

A geologist can make or break your design, permitting and construction projects. Grade your geologist to ensure your soil issues don't become critical path:

  1. Is your geologist responsive when you need him/her in the field right away? 

  2. Does your geologist solve problems in the field (instead of creating issues)?

  3. Does your geologist refrain from up-charging for field equipment or excessive travel time?

  4. Does your geologist arrive in the field ready to perform with knowledge of the site-specific needs?

  5. Is your geologist's report a nice balance of pertinent detail and reader utility?

  6. Is your geologist flexible about report recommendations, accepting constructive revisions as appropriate?

  7. Does your geologist guarantee a schedule of deliverables?

  8. Does your geologist meet the requirements of his/her schedule of deliverables?

  9. Does your geologist act in a professional manner?

  10. Are you comfortable having your geologist communicate with your partners, investors, and other decision-makers?


  • Score of 9-10: Grade is A - Keep giving your projects to this geologists. Can they handle more of your workload?

  • Score of 8: Grade is B - Minor improvement in the geologist's service slate may be necessary. Work collaboratively to make changes.

  • Score of 7: Grade is C - Point out the geologist's shortcomings and look for a back-up on a parallel path. If the geologist does not improve, give work to the back-up firm.

  • Score of 6: Grade is D - Phase out this geologist from your list of approved contractors.

  • Score of 5 or less: Grade is F - Pull all existing projects from your geologist, and immediately remove this firm from your list of approved contractors.

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