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Did Your Geologist Create Issues or Solve Problems?

Feffer Geological Consultants (FGC) takes pride in representing our clients during the construction process. For the past 10 years, FGC has been successfully troubleshooting at construction sites and accelerating development.

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Case Studies: Development & Construction Support by Feffer Geological Consultants (FGC)

Case Study No. 1 – Previously Identified Landslide Initially Thwarts Approval Process

Challenge – A landslide was previously identified in an earlier report at the proposed development, and the current geotechnical consultant was stuck in the approval process. Unfortunately, the current geotechnical consultant did not perform an adequate investigation and was not able to explain to the County/client what methods were needed to develop the site. The geotechnical consultant's recommended landslide repair consisted of dozens of piles to support the previously identified slide; however, the County would not approve the recommendation due to lack of proper investigation. The consultant insisted that the investigation was sufficient. As such, the relationship between the client and County reviewer deteriorated precipitously.

FGC Solution – Feffer Geological Consulting took over. Josh Feffer met with the County, gained the reviewer's trust, and then performed a proper subsurface investigation and evaluation. FGC was able to show that the landslide didn't even exist, and that no remediation was required. In turn, no piles were required for the new development and standard footings were used for the new home.

Result – Using FGC's new geological report, the County approved the development plan in short order without the need for piles. The permit and construction schedule was reduced by several months, and the client eliminated the need to spend money for the piles and saved considerable construction costs.

Case Study No. 2 – Soft Soil Discovered During Grading Activities

Challenge – A large commercial site, initially approved for development with standard 5 foot removal and recompaction specifications, was at risk due to the discovery of "soft soil" during excavation. The existing geotechnical consultant recommended that the owner dig down an additional 5 to 10 feet, thereby increasing the time and expense for the grading by over a month with additional budget overrun cost of at least $100,000.

FGC Solution – Feffer Geological Consulting was hired to examine the geotechnical consultant's recommendations. FGC designed a geogrid system to stabilize the bottom along with standard compaction techniques, and convinced the County field inspector of the adequacy of this approach, which was approved in the field immediately.

Result – The FGC design eliminated 10 feet of unnecessary excavation/shoring, saving the client over $100,000 and allowing construction to proceed without further delay.

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