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During construction, Feffer Geological Consulting is, in a word, responsive. We understand the need to come immediately when called in order to keep a project on schedule. Our responsiveness is based on our philosophy of client-service; we work at your discretion and not ours. Our team of engineers, geologists, technicians, and deputy grading inspectors arrive onsite ready to conduct inspections and oversee grading and foundation work.

Our certified inspectors provide all the data you need to remain in compliance, from daily field memos and interim-grading reports to final compaction and geological reports. Not only do our thorough analyses and documentation satisfy municipal requirements, they also present significant cost savings to our clients.

Compaction Testing
Feffer Geological is equipped to conduct compaction testing for both commercial and residential grading projects. Clients can expect a thorough field report summarizing the day's progress as well as presenting clearly outlined test results at the end of each workday.

Grading Observation
With decades of both technical and field experience, Feffer's engineers/geologist/technicians are skilled in all aspects of grading, including approval of removal bottoms and observation of fill placement for new construction, slope repair, utilities and paving. We provide our clients with a grading report detailing all tests conducted, along with our expert findings.

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