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Los Angeles


Today's housing market is precarious, so when you add in the various geotechnical concerns that can affect the bottom lines of individual homeowners, homeowner associations, brokers and insurance companies, the list can be overwhelming. Feffer Geological's trained scientists will offer real world, pragmatic solutions and expert cost-effective recommendations to what could otherwise be potentially devastating losses. We investigate causes of foundation damage, distress to exterior improvements like walls and flatwork, excessive moisture conditions and flooding, shifting ground, sinkholes, slopes and many other issues that may been a result of normal conditions or instances caused by a triggering event.

Insurance Companies & Homeowners

Feffer Geological works with property owners and insurance adjusters to help determine the cause of a loss and to create a forward-thinking plan of practical repairs. After inspecting the troubled area, our experienced team will photograph the site and submit a complete report of our findings and recommendations directly to the client.

Homeowner Associations & Management Companies

In addition to homeowner concerns and complaints, Feffer Geological provides evaluations of slope failures, pavement distress, and groundwater and moisture intrusion problems. Our investigations clearly identify the cause of the distress and indicate whether repair or maintenance is necessary. For maintenance considerations, we also offer annual slope walkthroughs and evaluations.

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