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For new construction projects, before the foundation is poured or the walls are torn down, turn to Feffer Geological for a full spectrum of subsurface investigations. Whether the job consists of new retaining walls, small additions, new single-family homes, condos or commercial structures, we'll ensure that our investigation provides you with easy-to-understand and cost-effective recommendations that address your needs. We tailor our reports for streamlined approval by the reviewing agency.

Our reports address all expected geotechnical conditions and also address site-specific needs such as:

  • Analysis and Repair of Slope Failures (for both shallow and deep landslides)

  • Fill Settlement and Differential Settlement

  • Slope Creep

  • Expansive Soil Potential

  • Earthquake and Fault Studies

  • Liquefaction Analysis

  • Groundwater Evaluations


Although each project carries its own specific issues, the field investigation format created by our geologists is proven. We begin with an excavation that consists of drilling borings or hand-excavating test pits, necessary to obtaining soil samples and determining the extent of fill, soil and bedrock beneath the site. Soil samples are then taken to a city-licensed laboratory to test the strength parameters of the material.

When all tests have been completed and fully analyzed, Feffer Geological will provide cost-effective recommendations based upon the project type and its existing parameters. We then issue multiple copies of the report to our client for submission to the governing municipality so that a permit can be obtained for construction.

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