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When considering a major investment such as a single-family home or a commercial property, it pays to know that property both inside and out. Feffer Geological expertly assesses and describes the property's current condition for prospective buyers, and even lets them know what to expect with regard to the property's future performance. We provide both verbal analysis or a written report, depending on client preference.

Our clients range from individuals to agents associated with such notable firms as: The Agency, Compass, Williams & Williams, Corcoran Global Living, Redfin, Coldwell Banker, Hilton & Hyland, Prudential, Sotheby's, Keller Williams, and more.

All Feffer Geological pre-purchase inspections include:

  • A site review that analyzes the condition of the building foundation, site slopes, drainage, and all external improvements (pools, walls, flatwork, etc.).

  • Review of soil and geology reports and permits on file with the governing municipality for the subject site and relevant surrounding properties.

  • Review of pertinent seismic hazards maps (i.e faulting, landsliding, and liquefaction), topographic, and geologic maps.

  • Review of recent and historical aerial photographs.


In addition, our team of certified geological inspectors will flag any and all existing conditions affecting the foundation, drainage conditions, slopes, swimming pools, retaining walls and other improvements.


Once the inspection is complete, we present the findings verbally to our client or, if the client chooses a written report, we provide a detailed report that includes photos of the property, geological maps, a description of our findings, recommendations for maintenance or repair, and a prognosis of future performance.

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